Merchant vessels and offshore units condition evaluation/preventive, damage and pre-purchase surveys

Warranty Surveys & More

Marine and Offshore Warranty Surveys

OPG is acting as a third party on behalf of the underwriters as a Warranty Survey company in order to reduce the risk of loss or damage in high value Construction and Trasportation projects along with Installation and Operation activities.

OPG is conducting Damage Surveys to Marine and Offshore Assets in order to assess and report on the extent of damage on the structure, systems and machinery, investigate the causes and consult on the optimum,suitable compliant repair. Additionally OPG is inspecting and reporting upon the repair work in order to ensure its suitability, soundness and  compliance with the Repair Quality Standards.

OPG is conducting  Pre-Purchase Surveys on behalf of Marine and Offshore Assets future owners in order to evaluate and report upon the overall Asset’s condition on structure, machinery, outfitting, equipment, compliance with Class Rules and International Regulations. OPG consults the future owner about any rectifications required and on purchase decision. The extent of the survey is determined by the future owner.

This service was introduced in the market by OPG. It started from OPG’s founder observation that Marine and Offshore Assets Owners are losing money due to Port State Detentions, delays on the port due to Classification Recommendations that must be rectified before the Asset can sail again. Other reasons are unavailability of  Equipment Suppliers and work Subcontractors the time are needed so the Asset has to stay longer in the port or in the shipyard until they become available in order the mandatory work to be completed.

The scope of the cost prevention is to assess and report upon the overall condition of the Asset, consult on appropriate actions to be taken before the arrival to the port and before the scheduled Class and Statutory Surveys.

Additionally, OPG’s Cost Prevention Surveys focus on prevention  from damages to happen during Assets operation and consults on immediate actions to be taken.

We work on focal points that according to our long attendance record on Assets and lessons to be learned, are the reasons for unwanted costs to occur.

We are currently dealing with below Marine and Offshore Assets:

  • Oil/Chemical tankers
  • Containerships
  • Bulk Carriers
  • LNGs
  • River Barges
  • Multi-Purpose vessels
  • Heavy Transportation Vessels
  • Crane Barges
  • High Speed Crafts
  • Jack Up Units
  • Drillships
  •  Semi-Submersible Units
  • Offshore Supply Vessels