New Construction, Conversion and Repairs.

Project Management - Site Supervision

Project management, Site Supervision, Quality Control and Structural, Outfitting, Machinery and Electrical Inspections.

  • Project Management, Coordination and Planning.
  • Stakeholders Management and Effective Handling Conflicts of Interest.
  • Subcontractors Selection and Management.
  • Quality Management and Control.
  • Approval of Machinery and Electrical Commissioning Procedures.
  • Approval of Welding Procedures Specifications and Selection of Welders.
  • Creation of Tank Testing Plans and Non Destructive Evaluation Plans.
  • Assurance that Class Certified Materials are used for Vessels/Units Construction.
  • Assurance that only Class Approved Equipment are installed on the Vessel/Unit ( Applicable on  Class items).
  • Supervision on Site for Compliance with Quality and Safety Standards.
  • Hull and Topside Structural, Welding and Outfitting inspections for compliance with the Approved Construction Drawings, Installation Specifications, Quality standards, Welding Procedure Specifications, Class and Statutory Regulations.
  • Hull and Topside Machinery and Electrical Installation Inspections, Acceptance Tests and Commissioning for Compliance with Manufacturer Specifications, Class and Statutory Regulations,National & International Standards.
  • Identification of Critical Structural Areas and Critical Components and Close Attention to them.
  • Supervision of NDT inspectors, Review and Approval of NDT Reports.
  • Daily and Weekly Reports for Quality and Safety Improvement.
  • Records of all the Activities and Lessons to be Learned.
  • Delivery of the project.

We will strive to ensure that the shipyard will keep their promises to our customers!

We are dealing with below Marine and Offshore Assets:

  • Containerships
  • Oil and Chemical Tankers
  • Bulk Carriers
  • LNG Carriers ( CC Systems mark III and No.96)
  • Supply Vessels
  • Multi-Purpose Vessels
  • River Barges
  • Crane Barges
  • Jack Up Units
  • Drillships
  • Semi-Submersible Units
Marine and offshore services