Merchant vessels and offshore units condition evaluation/preventive, damage and pre-purchase surveys

Marine & Offshore Surveys

The scope of condition evaluation is prevention and compliance assurance with Classification Rules, Staturory and International Standards. The condition evaluation surveys will be held upon client’s request for condition acknowledgement or prior the Vessel/Unit arrives to the port or before the scheduled Classification and Vetting surveys in order to prevent any accidents or environmental damage, port state detentions, delays due to class non conformities and contract loss.

The purpose of damage surveys is to assess the extent of damage on the Vessel’s or Unit’s structure, systems and machinery, investigate the causes and advice for the optimum compliant repair method.

The pre-purchase surveys will be held upon client’s request to evaluate the overall Vessel’s or Unit’s condition (including structure, machinery, outfitting, equipment) , advice the client about any rectifications required and contribute to client’s decision. The extent of the survey is determined by the client.

The company can deal with most of the types on Merchant Vessels, Offshore Units, High Speed Crafts, Yachts, Barges.